Case Studies
District heating

The development of thermal networks is an important component for a CO2-free heat supply.

In this project, our software TESSA was used to simulate the energy demand of the eco-district “Les Vergers” in the Canton of Geneva, and size a low temperature district heating network as its main heat source.

TESSA was very accurate in predicting the demand of the 33 high energy performance buildings of the district, with a 5% over estimation for the space heating according to measured values.

This data was used to model the DHC network supplied by a water-to-water heat pump using two resources: groundwater from the Rhone River and waste heat from the neighbouring industries.

The initial network produced with TESSA matches with great accuracy the network that was constructed, showing the high quality of planning that can be achieved with TESSA.

This project resulted in 5.11 GWh of energy and 1610 tons of CO2 saved, which corresponds to an emission reduction for heating of 85%.